Here at Lesto Route Works we aim to bring you the best looking Prototypical and Fictional routes for the UK. Other aims of Lesto Route Works is to produce top quality steam era Loco, wagons, coaches and scenery objects. While most of the routes and gmax projects are still under construction some have small teaser sections released. Others have been release as modules for you to incorporate into your own route. All finished routes will come with full documentation and ready to run driver sessions, all so that you can enjoy the routes as quickly as possible.

18th October 2007

A few small problems have been identified with the 9F locomotives. The main issue is when downloaded the Trainz download helper misses of some of the required dependencies, this inturn means the locos need checking in either Trainz Objectz or CMP to make sure they are complete. A fix for this will be issued shortly, for those that already have the locomotives working correctly then their should be no need at the moment to download this fix. The other main problem identified is the numbers on the front smoke box number plate are not showing on Black Prince. This is a minor texture mapping issue and will be fixed along with the downloading problems. Good news wise, 92220 Evening Star is now available from the Download Station, a direct link to the pack is provided on the 9F webpage. The missing tenders on the Download Station are now all correct and functioning, as such the missing tenders download link has now been removed.

17 October 2007

The BR Standard 9F is now released and available from Auran’s Download Station. 92220 Evening Star will be available a day or 2 later due to a small error creeping into the upload, a fixed version has already been submitted to the Download Station upload system. As with all Lesto Route Works locomotives I strongly suggest in downloading accompanying manual, this can be found on both the Lesto Route Works site and the UK Branchlines website. One problem has crept into the upload and that is of missing tenders. Auran have created the webpages for all of the tenders yet forgotten to actual upload the tender cdp's to the Download Station. The missing tenders are currently available from the 9f web page and will remain avaiable until the 9F tenders are all present and correct on the DLS. Progress report wise, the Class 40 has been restarted again. The restart is due to feedback received from various Trainz community members who felt that the loco was not accurate enough and not to the standard I can produce A new screenshot of the current WIP Class 40 is now available for viewing on the Class 40 page, the existing screenshots in the page are currently left to provide a comparison to the old model. Other new models that have begun since the last update is a Gresley N2 suburban tank engine, Peppercorn A2 pacific and a set of Mk2 coaches. More information on this models and associated web pages will appear in the new year. The Spalding ECML diversion route is progressing at a rapid pace, with a Christmas deadline set for it to be finished. Currently the line from Spalding to Peakirk is complete, north of Spalding the line has all the scenery objects placed and just requires texturing.

15 March 2007

Work is still continuing on both the BR Standard 9F and the First Series Merchant Navy locos, albiet at a greatly reduced level. A small set of updates is also in hand for both the Rebuilt Merchant Navy and the O4/1 Rod locos. Amongst these improvments is a fix to the Rebuilt Merchant Navy to the kuid table, the fix should make the loco automaticly download any required dependencies. The other chief updates for these locos are some improvments to the twinkles effects and new more realistic enginespecs. Work is progressing well on the ECML Spalding Diversion route, a new set of spline designed for this route have just been released. The new splines are a River Bank spline set, they are intended to help in the creation of many of Lincolnshires drainage dykes. They can also be used in the creation of larger river banks. A new page is up under the scenery menu with a small bit of information and pictures on these assets along with a website download link. These assets will be uploaded to the Download station and as soon as they are up the link will be changed accordingly.

04 March 2007

After an extended period of web site problems Lesto Route Works has moved to a new host. With this move comes an update look to the web site with more information about what is going on. The 4 major additions to the new web site is the Bellingstoke Model Railway, BR Standard 9f, BR Class 40 and extend Merchant Navy pages to reflect the addition of the First Series Merchant Navy. Non of these new locos or routes are released as of yet but they are progressing well. The main priority at the moment for Lesto Route Works is finishing a large part of the ECML Spalding diversion, teaser shots of parts of the route are now available on its dedicated page.

13 January 2007

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and New Year. Lesto Route Works certainly wasn't taking a break, and after many months of hard work we are pleased to announce the first of the LNER O4 Rod (GCR 8k) range of locos are complete and available for download of this web site. Visit the locomotives section for download links and information, it’s highly recommended to download the accompanying manual for these locos. The manual has a complete kuid listing for all the assets used in the locos, if you have any problems please check firstly that you have ALL the kuids installed. More new locos are expected in the coming months, including the eagerly awaited BR Class 40 and BR Standard 9F. Lesto Route Works also hopes to release the ECML Spalding diversion route sometime in the up coming months. This route will also be used in the DPS cab simulator.

08 December 2006

After allot of hard work the Class 40 diesel loco is nearing completion. The loco body is now fully textured and mapped out in BR Blue, the body also feature bump mapping which will become a feature of all Lesto Route Works locos. The GCR 8k has finished the mesh stage and is now moving onto texture mapping. This loco has the unique sight of animated inside Stephenson’s valve gear, something that is very rarely represented in Trainz. I have finished 2 new guides; they focus on adding pre created twinkles particle effects to a loco and how to create a diagrammatic plane in Gmax and texturing it. The guides can be found under the Tutorials section.

18th September 2006

After 8 months of hard work I have finally released the updated Rebuilt Merchant Navy. This loco is available to download of Aurans Download Station. Some of the main features of this update include new textures and extra scripted features, including user changeable head code discs. Its recommended to download the manual for this locomotive as it will explain how to use the new features. It also give a full list of kuids needed for the locomotive to work.

18th June 2006

After great UKtrainz meeting at Mike10's place (thanks for putting up with us horrible lot Mike), I have been invited to join UK Branch lines. UK Brach lines is a group run by Magandy and the specialize in releasing content content for the UK steam era. This is an era that LestoRouteWorks is also concentrating on. I have of course accepted his offer and all future releases of my content will be made in conjunction with UKBL.

24th February 2006

Due to rising Bandwidth usage I have decided to take down all web site links to content that is present on the DLS. This will unfortunately be a permanent feature from now on.

28 January 2006

Lesto Route Works is proud to announce the release of the Rebuilt Merchant Navy steam locomotive. Visit the locomotives page for download links and general information.

26 January 2006

I have finally got round to doing the long awaited web site update. Also for those following the Auran and UK Trainz forums you will be pleased to know that the Rebuilt Merchant Navy steam loco is in its final stage of testing. This loco has been in construction now for around 8 months and is also my first gmax work. On the ECML project front, all the lines have been laid including a rather impressive Whitemoor yard.

05 August 2005

It’s been along time since I’ve updates the web site, so here is the news. Lesto Railway is dead Long Live the GB & L Mainline. The ECML Project is coming on well with track laid from Splading up to Helpringham; the line is now heading south towards Peterborough and March. I have come across a diagram for Whitemoor marshalling yard, so that will be very prototypical with the correct gradients for the humps. In other news have uploaded a few reskins onto the DLS. The reskins are of an EWS 47 in clean and weathered liveries and a BR Large logo class 37. I have a few more Large Logo liveries that need finishing of and should get uploaded soon. The other big announcement is that Lesto Route Works really needs a name change due to me working on a Rebuilt Merchant Navy steam loco. I will soon sort out a page for my locomotive reskins and Gmax work. Another thing is I really need to redesign the front page of this site with a better menu system, something I’m not very good at.

11 April 2005

After keeping quiet for the past 4 months the 1976 ECML project is now in the open. My contribution to this project is the the ECML diversion through Splading. More information will be added to the project page soon.

21 March 2005

Testing has finished on the Branthorpe & Kilderdale Railway. This route is currently only available of this web site, but will be soon available of Aurans Download Station.

19 March 2005

Documentation and testing is underway for a new route that will be released very soon. More information will be released when the route is available for download.